Saturday, June 12, 2010

ad majorem dei gloriam

st. ignatius

Took a brief walk across the Seattle University campus when I was in town last month, waiting for baby Haven to be fully baked at Swedish Hospital across the street (Haven's here now: she’s a beautiful beautiful beautiful baby girl, and her mother, who is also a beautiful girl, is doing well).

I wanted to see the St. Ignatius Chapel, a spare modern building celebrated for its glorious contemplative interior.

Unfortunately it was locked. Which is, I suppose, the problem with having a celebrated chapel: everybody wants in, and you’re forced to keep them out, which entirely undermines the purpose of a building like that.

So I took some shots of the exterior, unhappy that I neglected to bring my wide lens, peered through the window a bit and then pulled up some shots on Flickr sometime later to see what I missed.

Much, it seems.

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