Thursday, June 04, 2009

speaking of well mannered men

Photo: Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times

Mrs. Reagan kept her hand in the crook of the Mr. Obama’s arm for the entire time he spoke, and for the most part she gazed at him while he talked.

From Nancy Reagan and Obama Kiss and Make Up in Tuesday's New York Times.

I'm not going to beat this "glad my guy won" horse into the ground, but this piece about Nancy Reagan's visit to the Obama White House touched me. I was reminded of an interview I saw with Ronald Reagan Jr. after his father's funeral in 2004 which he expressed anger at George W. Bush for abandoning his mother at the side of his father's casket, after Bush had escorted her up the steps to pay her respects at the state funeral.

I'm sure it wasn't malevolent, but it was wholly inconsiderate, and demonstrated a lack of compassion or awareness regarding the condition of others.

Nancy Reagan is nearly blind, Ron Jr. explained, and it was difficult for her to find her way back down the steps without assistance -- made more so by the public nature of the event.

Obama's gesture, as he graciously guided her through their meeting, was all consideration and kindness. Pure class.

My president.

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Kari said...

I just couldn't agree with you more.

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