Wednesday, July 22, 2009

road home

Grief, I think, is an amalgam of regret, longing and gratitude.
Love is the thing that makes it bond.

Grama passed away last night.

Thank you, friends, for your kindness during all this.


melissa (mzmullerz) said...

my deepest condolences to you and your family, dayna. i kno nothing i can say will make it any easier but it is clear - especially in these last few posts- how dearly you and your grama loved each other. such a gift to each other...
keeping you in my thoughts and sending love and blessings your way.

godspeed, grama. you were loved.

suttonhoo said...

thank you, melissa. I just wrote this in an email to a friend and I'll share it here too:

My heart is shattered but I'm strangely at peace. Grama would have been 90 on the 30th of this month. She had a magnificent life. She loved and was loved. She was my oldest friend, my fiercest defender and my truest love. Life took a bad turn for her with the Alzheimer's -- there wasn't a lot left for her to look forward to.

Her death has left me soaked with sadness but also itching to be alive and get things done. So strange. But I'm so grateful for it.

Leslie F. Miller said...

Oh, no. I knew this from the Flickr picture. Somehow. You conveyed it.

My grandmother died just after my daughter was born. It was unexpected. She was so vital. The last thing she knitted was a blanket for Serena.

I know what you lost, and I am crying for it now, too.

Lolabola* said...

*hugs hugs hugs*

Anonymous said...

Sending you hugs and prayers, my friend.

anne said...

Ms. Hoo, I am so, so sorry for your loss here on earth.

Your blog has drawn me in every day these last few weeks, with your heartfelt postings and wonderful tributes... your Grama is proud of you, I am sure.

I wish peace for you and your family in the coming days.

suttonhoo said...

thanks so much, friends.

I never imagined when I started blogging that I would spend so much time slogging through posts about death and dying.

hopefully we'll get a little reprieve here before too long.

thanks for keeping me company through all this.

take care.

mrtn said...

I'm terribly sorry for your loss, Dayna. I remember all the lovely things you wrote about her. She seemed like a very special woman.

I, Rodius said...

I've been out of the blog loop and haven't taken the time to say, I'm sorry, and I'm thinking about you, and I hope you get the answers you need.

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