Saturday, December 19, 2009

good for you and me

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Why I want an i-pod touch

Although I am only ten, I want an i-pod touch. Here are 3 main reasons I should get an i-pod touch for Christmas. I really want to get one.

The first reason why I would like an i-pod touch is because if I get one now, I won’t need any other i-pods. K has a shuffle and a nano and barely uses them. The i-pod touch can last years without needing a new i-pod to keep you entertained. I really wish you would consider getting me the i-pod that will last a lifetime.

The next reason I would like an i-pod touch is because how much it can do. This amazing i-pod has music, free games, and much more. I will always get free games never a game you have to pay for. Just a regular i-pod can’t beat an i-pod touch. Not even 2 of them are as amazing as an i-pod touch. And dad, If I got an i-pod touch, I wouldn’t be asking to play your i phone.

The last reason why you should consider getting me an i-pod touch is well, just listen. Think, you bought K 2 i-pods and if you bought us all 2 i-pods it would be like this. Why not just buy 1 i-pod that for each of them that they will use a lot and not have an i-pod that they don’t use sitting around the house, make that 2 because neither one of those i-pods are as good as an i-pod touch. Please please please get me an i-pod touch.

These are 3 main reasons why I want to get an i-pod touch; they are good for you and me. Please consider getting me one, and if you just don’t want to get me like you did with my DS, you can get gift cards but I would really really like an i-pod touch.

PS. Sydney and Natalie both have an i-pod touch

A letter from my niece, M, to her father, posted here with both her consent and her dad's.

I was mostly impressed with the three-point essay construction.


karigee said...

And my favorite dramatic setup: "The last reason why you should consider getting me an i-pod touch is well, just listen."

Bright girl! (PS: I think she might want a i-pod touch.)

suttonhoo said...

(I love that line so much.)

I, Rodius said...

Well heck, now I'm considering getting her one, and I don't even know her!

anniemcq said...

I see a bright future in sales for this girl! And hellllooooo Apple, you have a new pitch person!

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