Thursday, April 15, 2010

an update.

an update.
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And what did she do with a month of soul numbing deadlines behind her, to find herself prone on the warm talcum sands of this Atlantic Beach while the terns (I think they're terns) darted along the edge of that melody the sea makes when it collides at last with earth?

Dear Reader, she napped.

p.s. also with me here: dragonflies that hover and whir; sandflies that nip at my fleshy bits; a massive hawk that I thought at first was a buzzard who prowled and stuttered along the water's edge until he dove and nailed his prey; and what might have been a solitary flamingo, looking for his clan. (Or a heron. But that beak wasn't quite right for a heron.)

Posting by cameraphone from Naples, FL and almost in love with the world again.

Update: It was an endangered wood stork -- not a flamingo -- something I figured out this morning when I visited the Audubon Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. (Told you the beak wasn't quite right.) And they were sandpipers, not terns.

and another update: Ramones Karaoke has correctly identified my hawk as an Osprey. here's more on that »

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