Friday, May 14, 2010

pass for new

pass for new
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Wherever I go I find something in this new world I am acquainted with; it is all as I imagined -- and yet new.

And the same can be said of my observations, my thoughts. I have had no entirely new thought, have found nothing entirely unfamiliar, but the old thoughts have become so precise, so alive, so coherent that they can pass for new.

Goethe, Italian Journey

Halfway into a travel bender that will touch Boston, D.C., Seattle, Wichita, Ann Arbor, Boulder, Fort Wayne and Boston again within the span of a month.

Some work, some fun, some new horizons.

Trying to stay open to the road.

Posting by cameraphone enroute to Seattle.
Image from some time back -- Detroit, I think.


anniemcq said...

How long will you be in SEattle? I'd love to see you if it's possible....

suttonhoo said...

already home again, if you can believe it. but will be back in August and possibly before that -- I'll give you a little advance warning this next time and hopefully we can meet up.

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