Wednesday, December 08, 2010

paris sous la neige

Browsing Flickr pics of Paris in the snow. Verdict: the City of Man loves its snow men »

Paris Rue de Sevres
Photo by joli_dragon

Paris et parisiens sous la neige (DSC_3171)
Photo by iulian nistea

Bois de Vincennes
Photo by Jimmy Bobo

La tour eiffel sous la  neige ~ Paris Decembre 2010
Photo by . ADRIEN .

Pointillisme hivernal
Photo by Hugo Lafitte


patrick said...

You know... of the five times I've been there, three trips were in November and December and I don't recall seeing snow a single time.

suttonhoo said...

reports are that they're pretty much paralyzed. I'm trying not to pass judgment. ;-)

karigee said...

It's official: Paris is my favorite city.

suttonhoo said...

je te l'avais dit.

patrick said...

Oh-honh... elle parle le français !

suttonhoo said...

barely. 5 years in the classroom and absolutely no immersion = worthless.

but there's always google translator.

Lisa said...

A wonderful collection! I love seeing pictures of snow in places far away! I'm hoping for no snow here until January. Maybe February ; )

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