Saturday, February 19, 2011

BIFFin' it

BIFFin' it
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The Boulder International Film Festival has been hit and miss.

MISS: Crazy bad intro reel that plays before all the films that's almost exclusively pulsing corporate logos and entirely devoid of tone and character. BIFF: take a clue from SIFF and SxSW who shoot super cool shorts to fill this slot and promote the festival. Corporate credits belong in the CREDITS. That's what they're there for.

MISS: Overpriced VIP pass for a festival that's way too short. Festivals flow better with a pass in hand: lines are shorter, admission is guaranteed, and you save hours of administrative hassle because there are no decisions to be made until half an hour before curtain. When the festival spans a week or two you can pace yourself and still get your money's worth. Not so with the steep price tag for BIFF. By the time I'm done on Sunday I will have averaged fifty bucks a film. At least I'm supporting filmmaking. I hope.

MISS: Single screenings for most films. Introduce at least two per piece and we're halfway to a longer, better-paced festival.

MISS: Spotty projection at the Boulder Theater. Something's up with the machine they're using to screen the films and the screen goes dark at regular intervals.

HIT: The films have been stellar, which makes up for the misses.

More on the movies soon -- after I've heard Mr. James Franco expound on his mastery of the universe.

Odds are on a miss.

Posting by cameraphone from the Boulder Theater.

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