Sunday, July 10, 2011

a rose is a rose is a rose

Two things I didn't know before visiting the surprisingly colossal The Steins Collect exhibit at SFMOMA yesterday:

1) Among her Picassos & Matisse & Bonnards, Gertrude also cherished an El Greco of St. Francis. It wasn't featured in the show, though it would have added tremendous texture had it been. Instead I spotted it in one of the photos of her apartment in Paris. Delighted me because I have a fondness for both the artist and the saint.

2) Michael & Sarah Stein commissioned an extraordinary home from Corbusier. The exhibit includes a full sweep of architectural sketches and blueprints. I neglected to write down the location, so I know only that it's somewhere in France (I hope, still) and will have to go hunt for it.

And a third important point: the image included here has nothing to do with the Steins. It's a Banksy in Chinatown that PT Power was kind enough to share later that same evening, and it was my favorite of my remnant snapshots from the day.

Posting from San Francisco after a very good day.

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patrick said...

'Twas great to see you again... I'll have to find where the rest of the Banksys are and show you around the next time you're passing through.

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