Wednesday, July 28, 2010

post haste

Sales were disappointing. Part of the problem was that it wasn’t just documents that stuck to the board’s surface; dust did, too. Perhaps more importantly, there just wasn’t much demand for a better bulletin board.

Yesterday's New York Times, citing a 2005 article in the magazine The Rake relating an early misfire in the product development of the Post-it Note -- a bulletin board that was covered with the "underachieving adhesive."

I imagine someone's already explored Post-it notes as an antecedent modality to text messaging. So I'll steer you to the lovely expressions of the Post-it Note Art Posse Flickr Group instead »

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anniemcq said...

Such an interesting (and frightening) thought - texting replacing post-it notes. But maybe it's just freeing the post-it's up to be the artists that they truly are. I have to send you this link to a contact of mine on Flickr. She's a Portland gal, and she does amazing things with post-it's and photography.

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