Friday, August 14, 2009

daddy of reverb

I wouldn’t have been the inventor of anything except that, well, it’s not there. And if it’s not in the store then you just have to make it.

Les Paul in a documentary that Gibson Guitar put together to celebrate his 90th birthday.

By now you've heard that the musician and inventor Les Paul passed away yesterday at 94.

When Paul wasn't cobbling together a musical revolution on a broomstick and pitching it to Gibson Guitars, he was inventing reverb and multi-track recording.

His imagination changed our aural landscape; the music that he made possible changed our world.

Found this rough home video of Les Paul playing at the Iridium in 1997 -- that would make him somewhere in his 80s at the time. If you don’t want to hear him opine on hearing aids skip ahead to the 1.21 minute mark where he opens up and wails.

Video: Les Paul plays.

Thank you, sir, for a magnificent run. Because of you, somewhere there's music.

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