Saturday, August 22, 2009


Supercoder keyboard via @dazjones

The #songsincode Twitter meme is three days old and just now declining as a trending topic, but I suspect it will remain interesting for a little while longer, even for boneheads like me whose coding skills extend no farther than rudimentary Java. (nimble html scripting doesn't count, does it?) (fair enough. not my day job.)

It's a slow parse for me to make out most of them, but that's half the fun. That, and watching geeks at play.

If you've got a thing for geeks.

Or for watching the sociology of a pissing match unfold.

@asmitter has planted his flag in establishing how the meme came to be if you'd like to read his account, and @jerub just threw together a database for voting up your faves.

blip retweet via @stevecooperorg


John said...

The database seems to be broken now :-(

suttonhoo said...

shame. :(

michael said...

I just grabbed the songs in code domain. I'll try and gather some of the better ones when I find time.

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