Thursday, November 26, 2009

food desert

food desert
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It may be impossible to find a decent meal on Thanksgiving in America.

Or, at the very least, in Omaha, Nebraska.

Unless of course you've planned ahead. If you've shopped in the days before for the bird that you will stuff and truss and the cranberries that you will simmer until they pop and the Karo syrup that you will transform into the inexcusably sticky mess of a pecan pie that is the hallmark of a successful Thanksgiving -- if you've done all this then you will eat.

But if you descend out of the long dark drive from Chicago upon family tired and worn from a month of hospital attendance and the tired resignation that the patient has decided she is done, then you will find refrigerators empty and grocery stores closed and everyone too busy with the business of keeping her company on the long road home too worry too much about the rest of it.

And you will find a seat and settle in.

Posting by cameraphone from Omaha, NE


elefanterosado said...

take a seat and settle in. I hear ya.

I, Rodius said...

I'm sorry.

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