Sunday, February 14, 2010

beloved of man and dog

Fred Morrison with his Pluto Platter
Photo: Wormhole Publishers

While some over-anxious press agents swear up and down that the Friz (as it is known on a first-name basis at Princeton) will soon sweep the nation and become as universally accepted as the Yo-yo, it is generally believed in the trade that sane people can’t stand most toy fads for more than five months.

Gay Talese in The New York Times on Aug. 11, 1957 about this new Frisbee thing that "kept students so busy that they had no time for rioting", as cited in today's Sunday edition »

Walter F. Morrison, inventor of the Frisbee, died last week at 90.



Don said...

Tangently Frisbee related - I worked with a gentleman for a couple of years who invented Frisbee golf. He worked for Wham-o back and developed the game w/ hula hoops vs. the baskets that are used today.

suttonhoo said...

interesting -- I figured Frisbee golf was one of those games that evolved organically from the players -- I didn't know wham-o had a hand in it too.

were they just trying to sell more Frisbees or did they have another objective in mind?

and how super cool to work with someone like that. :)

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