Friday, February 19, 2010

macaroons at midnight and other oddities

Snapped last night at the Roger Smith Hotel in the company of a friend who was kind enough to meet me in Midtown super late, even though he's tired of meeting me in Midtown. (Honestly, who can blame him? There's so much more to NY than Midtown.)

So next time: we travel North to Cloisters territory. (Or I do. He stays put and tells me how to get there, because he's also a public transportation savant.)

There's a back story to this shockingly cool installation that I was too tired to grok or even snapshot well last night after a full day of being and speaking at our annual client forum. I'll see what kind of info I can dig up after I've had a chance to nap a bit.

Posting by cameraphone en route to JFK.

Update: The space is a storefront that has been re-purposed for THE LAB:
THE LAB (For Installation + Performance Art) is a New York based, converted storefront turned fishbowl producing 30+ fast paced performance art and installation exhibitions annually. Aimed at furious midtown foot traffic, THE LAB’s programming is designed to confront modern relationships between art and audience and seeks to force interaction between high energy, "outrospective" exhibitions and nearly 25,000 daily passersby. It is THE LAB’s goal to reach out through the glass and capture, fascinate, amuse, bemuse all who pass within eye or ear shot of the corner of 47th and Lex.

More on THE LAB here »

And here's a video interview with the artist, Grimanesa Amoros, about the piece. Bonus: contains sound clips of the composition that is piped out over the sidewalks on Lexington:

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