Monday, May 09, 2011


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At present, older generations still consider the space of information as something one logs-in to and logs-out from. Our view of the world (our metaphysics) is still modern or Newtonian: it is made of 'dead' cars, buildings, furniture, clothes, which are non-interactive, irresponsive, and incapable of communicating, learning, or memorizing. But in advanced information societies, what we still experience as the world offline is bound to become a fully interactive and more responsive environment of wireless, pervasive, distributed, a2a (anything to anything) information processess, the works a4a (anywhere for anytime), in real time.

Such a world will first gently invite us to understand it as something 'a-live' (artificially live). This animation of the world will then, paradoxically, make our outlook closer to that of pre-technological cultures, which interpreted all aspects of nature as inhabited by teleological forces.

Luciano Floridi in Information: a Very Short Introduction, part of the Oxford University Press Very Short Introductions series.

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