Saturday, April 25, 2009

here's my proposal

let's not pretend about these things.

where there are bruises let us blow on them softly
cup our palms across them sheltering without touching
the tender corpuscular bloom

where the blood breaks through the thin skin
pressure first then cool clear water

where bones have cracked
let's set them with a grimace
and a groan

let's lay down the bandages
while murmuring sympathies

let's know that honey
on a shallow wound will help it heal

but let's not expect
that we can bind them on our own

let's not pretend about these things.


bobcat rock said...

Just beautiful.

I, Rodius said...

Lovely. As with all things, I can't help seeing it through the filter of my son. I hear him say, "Boo boo! Kiss? Band-aid?" He does not pretend.

anniemcq said...


narthex said...

silence is sometimes best to appreciate something this beautiful but alas i must mutter words... :)

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