Wednesday, April 29, 2009

send a letter to arne. speak out for soul.

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It's a sad truth that Arts programs is U.S. public schools are getting shaved down to nothing. That means there are a lot of kids in our country who will not be exposed to the tactile power of creating something amazing that's their very own -- music, art, theater, [insert your art here & yes craft counts].

In tangible terms, this could translate into raising a generation without much soul. Soul is that intangible quality of the heart and mind that is fed in part by nurturing our creativity and in turn fires understanding, deepens intellect, provides meaning, and generates compassion.

That's why I think we all have a responsibility to be more than spectators -- we all must make art. I'm not kidding about this. It's my creed. Schools have a responsibility to provide us with the skills we need to do that.

Americans for the Arts (on Facebook) is asking folks who care to send a letter to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan asking for a meeting so that they can share their concerns about the hearts and minds of our kids.

Here's a boilerplate if you'd like to do the same. Arne's email address is arne [dot] duncan [at] ed [dot] gov.

Dear Secretary of Education Arne Duncan,

Welcome to your new post. We're excited about the future for education in America in your hands. Our aim is simple. Our direction is clear. We support balanced curriculum which includes substantial arts education to round out academics and athletics for this next generation of future leaders.

Our Charity, Americans for the Arts, have done a significant amount of work to advocate on behalf of programs on a national level, drafting recommendations for No Child Left Behind, and establishing in-roads for regional educators and administrators.

Our request is simple. Please meet with Americans for the Arts and hear what they have to say. This is important to us. We are one of the fastest growing Causes on Facebook, achieving remarkable donation levels and a unique solidarity.

We support grounded, fully dimensional education and know that Arts Education is essential to the ongoing sustenance of culture and society. We look forward to the bold policy this administration establishes for our bright future. We want to be so proud of you for being the leader who takes risks and puts money into those educational elements our forefathers never would have done without.

[name, contact information]
[End Cut and Paste Here]

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MacEwen M Patterson said...

Thanks for the support on Keeping the Arts in Public Schools. Its awesome to have such a quality voice behind us! (let me know if you'd like to guestblog at ArtUSA some time...)


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