Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Photo: Hubble's Greatest Hits in the Telegraph »

In space you can get in touch with your quantum self. I was a human cosmic ray detector.

Astronaut and Hubble Space Telescope repairman John Grunsfeld (who spent a little time living in a Zen monastery in Tokyo) commenting on how he was able to, during his spacewalk, "identify the different kinds of particles zooming through his eyeball by how bright the flashes were."

Grunsfeld is profiled in today's New York Times in a piece that explores his feelings over the cancellation of the Hubble program and his professional grace in moving forward with the work left to do as the massive telescope hunkers down to die.

The Telegraph recently ran Hubble's greatest hits -- a collection of remarkable images from space »

(And we're killing this program to channel resources towards, er, putting man on the moon? But didn't we already do that?)

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