Monday, December 22, 2008

to tamale or not tamale

Congratulations! You are now part of the few, the proud, the tamale cooks. You will notice that your life will be instantly different. You will be popular. People will invite you over. As you walk up to a crowd of people, you will hear someone say, "Isn't that the Tamale cook?" Yes folks, your simple life will never be the same. You have arrived. Please remember to be kind to the little people.

From where I also learned that Goya is the Tamale Queen »

Trying to work up the nerve to make tamales for Christmas. Although to be honest, my tamale friends, I'm not entirely sure I can afford the overhead »


Enyasi said...

OMG!!!! You can make Tamales? Why have you been keeping this super power a secret... :-)

suttonhoo said...

LOL -- NO. I have never made tamales.

I WANT to make tamales.

but I'm terrified.

stay tuned. ;)

I, Rodius said...

I don't get tamales. I want to. Where I'm living, it's a requisite. But I don't get tamales.

Anonymous said...

hi- first time reader- part latina here :)
I have made tamales a few times. They are hard. Get a friend for sure.

Masa yes
I use crisco
I buy rotisserie chickens and buy a green salsa (or make your own) and cook it til most of the water is boiled up. Beef is good- add green or red salsa and cook on the stove til most of the moisture is gone. Make some with some oaxaca cheese and put jalepenos (pickled in the can). PUt a damp clean towel on the top of the tamales to help keep the steam in. I dont know where they get the 2 hour figure. Ours were fat tamales and they would take around 4-6 hours.
I miss my mom so much. She was my helper and I havent made any since she passed away. Christmas was the only time we would make them.

Good luck!

suttonhoo said...

what a wonderful comment -- thank you first time reader! of course, now I'm doubly terrified.

but cheered. :)

so so sorry for your loss -- I hope you make tamales again soon. I suspect your mom would want the tradition to live on.

Bonita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bonita said... I feel terrific! I wisely gave Enyasi a Kitchen Aid mixer several years ago for Christmas. It is a wonderful machine...just made Mexican wedding cakes the other day with it. Now there is some buttery goodness!

Merry Merry

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