Thursday, March 05, 2009

cup of coffee by the fire

Last interior page of a facsimile of the 1933 Taliesin Fellowship Brochure written and designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The brochure is an application for residence in the apprentice program at Taliesin where:

Each is required to pay a fixed fee according to the terms stated on the application blank herewith. In addition they will be required to do their share of work in the upkeep and care of the grounds and buildings and the productive activities of the farm for the participating in practical work in the studios and shops and in the production of art objects and exemplars for industry and building, or for exhibition and perhaps sale.

In the course of the 18 page brochure FLW also rises up on his soapbox:

Taliesin is concerned with the impotence that is the consequence of the gamble in education, believing young America over-educated and under-cultued: Sex over emphasized, present sex social differentiations absurd or obscene.

And waxes poetic:

The being that is unconcerned with seeming has found in our life little soil in which to grow.

I was flipping through the brochure last night in preparation for (don't laugh) Architecture Fantasy Camp (I wish they called it something else) this weekend at the Frank Lloyd Wright Studio in Oak Park.

We get to draw on those pretty drafting tables.

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anniemcq said...

I didn't laugh. But I giggled quietly. Have a great time at camp, girlfriend!

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