Monday, March 30, 2009


In prewar years, red-blooded Iraqis lusted after the Mercedes, especially the costly Ghost sedan, which only the best-heeled Baathists could afford. During the early war years, it was the nimble little BMW 3 Series, until that car got a bad rap as the insurgents’ favorite getaway car. (At one time, black BMWs were actually banned from the roads.) “Now Iraqis are obsessed with the Hummer,” Dhafir al-Hilli said.

Iraqis Snap Up Hummers as Icons of Power in today's New York Times.

Dhafir al-Hill sells on average one hummer every ten days through his dealership in Iraq.

In other news: by tomorrow, GM may announce that they're done with the Hummer »

And no post on the Hummer is complete without a link to »

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