Monday, March 16, 2009

tonight's tweets that got cached in summize but disappeared in the core stream

Weird: more tweets that post and then evaporate. Plus two other tweets tonight from folks who are experiencing the same thing. Can't imagine that content on hal holbrook or seth rogen would be moderated as offensive content -- beginning to believe that Twitter has a funky bug in their system.

Here's what went missing:

suttonhoo: just touched hal holbrook's tweedy elbow in the dark and whispered in his ear (he didn't hear me)
about 3 hours ago from txt

suttonhoo: no surprise that I would incur a contact high in line for a seth rogin movie
about 3 hours ago from txt

suttonhoo: munchies now.
about 3 hours ago from txt

suttonhoo: - anna feris somewhere in there (observe & report at #sxsw)
about 3 hours ago from TwitPic


Mikkel said...

I have the same problem.

Enyasi said...

How bizarre... I would like to say I am suffering the same problem.. but truth is I have just been too lazy to tweet. Perhaps tweets are like socks and occasionally a few get lost in the dryer..

Mikkel said...

Sometimes I get a "Twitter is over capacity" message, with a picture of a whale. Then I lose four or five tweets.

suttonhoo said...

interesting -- I'll watch for a correlation between the fail whale and tweet disappearances.

I recently sent several via text that posted and then disappeared. historically txt tweets are dicey, but they usually evaporate all together -- I've never seen them post and then go missing like I have recently.

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