Saturday, April 04, 2009

home of the jelly omelet

home of the jelly omelet
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This is the Lee -- a double decker of turkey and pastrami
smeared with Russian dressing and topped with slaw at
the 4th St Deli in South Philly where the small sandwiches
are 17 oz. of meat and the jumbos -- like the Lee -- will
stop your heart without looking back.

Still. Doesn't mean I regret the blintzes smothered in sour
cream and sour cherries that we ordered as an appetizer
plate. But sorry that there wasn't room for the Linzer Tart.

This one's my brother's. I got the Reuben. We celebrated
his birthday by stopping at the first restaurant flashing
a "fresh baked cookies" neon sign in the window.

Posting by cameraphone from Philly.

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