Wednesday, April 08, 2009

please pass the crisps


I spent the day slogging through an endless spec in preparation for a meeting tomorrow, but feel just now as though I spent most of the day in a sun warmed nook of London hanging out with friends, drinking coffee and eating olives.

This is entirely due to a marathon listening session of podcasts by Robert Brook and Bobcat Rock, starting with Episode 8 in which they philosophize on all manner of things, and returning again to previous episodes -- some that I hadn't yet managed, some that I wanted to hear again -- just so I didn't have to say goodbye.

It appears there's a lovely new landing page as well -- perfect for bookmarking, to return to again and again »


Kari said...

awww... thanks for posting the landing page. it's been harder than it should be to find these, and as a result, i've been an unhappy hit and miss listener. now i'll be a happy hit listener. yay.

(given your other kari(s), i should post as kari p. sorry for any confusion. :))

bobcat rock said...

Such a sweet post. Thank you kindly, friend; I'm glad we eased your day. Robert B seemed uneasy re Episode 8, but to me, it felt right from the get-go. More natural and interesting than the previous seven, even.

You must come join us for coffee and olives one day, okay?

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