Friday, April 03, 2009

awkward moment

please make a note of it

Last night I was reminded what a complete nerd I am when my drinking companions looked at me through the din of the pub with fixed and glazed expressions while I explained I would have to leave pretty early so that I could pack for Philly where my sweetie and I would be taking in U Penn’s annual Maya Weekend.

Of course I had to persist, hoping to spark the fire in their eyes, explaining what a hottie Simon Martin is, and how I was pretty sure Karen Bassie would be presenting the Popol Vuh geo-specificity theory that she had cooked up with Google Earth and some crazy road tripping with our buddy Nick.

Polite nods were followed shortly by car bombs (Guinness + Bailey’s + Whiskey) and I can only hope that they’ve since forgotten how I like to spend my weekends.

1 comment:

Mikkel said...

Car bombs are fucking AWESOME!!!!!

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