Friday, October 09, 2009

premature acclamation

I want to thank you for all the generous advance coverage you've given me in anticipation of a successful career. When I actually do something, we'll let you know.

Barack Obama, Junior Senator from Illinois, addressing the Press at the Gridiron Club's Annual Dinner on March 11th.

I originally blogged this snippet on 19 March 2006, which also marked my official coming out as an Obama fangirl.

I pulled it out and shook it off this morning in response to the announcement that Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize.

Come on, kids. Give the guy a chance to get something done first.


Leslie F. Miller said...

Stuff like this kills me. And I applaud you for being a fangirl AND for having the guts to say this. Because you're absolutely right.

People who think Obama has done no wrong are as at least delusional if not lying—just like those who think he's done nothing right (though I tend to think those people are certifiable).

Leslie F. Miller said...
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Karim said...

I think there are several reasons why he was chosen, even if it's surprising and shocking that this happened so soon.

In the end, the prize is also to the American people who got the guts to elect someone outside their comfort zone (if this makes sense).

suttonhoo said...

really good point, Karim -- I see what you mean.

Enyasi said...

A surprise?...yes. Premature?...maybe. Deserving?...absolutely!

Everyone can attest to how scary things got after 9/11, then our government seemed to morph into some far right, McCarthy era, Handmaid's Tale (where for a while it seemed like anyone who was other: brown, Muslim, illegal, gay or nonpartisan, was suspect or evil) add to this the fact that many the world over were turning their dislike of American policies to a dislike of all Americans.

Now imagine a man, who realistically should not have had a chance in hell, comes on the scene and believes enough in himself and the American people to run for President. In the process, he convinces everyone (Americans & the World), that Americans can rise above racism, hate, distrust, religion and politics to embrace the fact that we are citizens of a world community and as such must act accordingly.

Yes, he has won for what is only the first step, and he has a long way still to go… But, WHAT A FIRST STEP!!! Give the man some credit and let him get back to his job.

PS: sorry to ramble ;-)

suttonhoo said...

that was a lovely ramble.

thank you. :)

anne said...

i agree with you both, ms. hoo and leslie - thanks for verbalizing what i was thinking!

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