Monday, October 19, 2009

baguette etiquette

1. On entering, greet the salesperson with 'Bonjour, madame,' or 'Bonjour, monsieur,' and make eye contact.

2. Pay with coins -- or small-denomination notes -- unless you're spending 20 euros or more.


13. Close out your visit with 'Merci, au revoir. Bonne journée!'

From 13 Tips for Visiting a Parisian Boulangerie (so complicated) in the Premiere issue of Afar Magazine, a U.S. publication, which (reasonably) assumes that Americans must be coached in the proper etiquette of saying hello and goodbye when entering a shop.

Additional tips: don't dither over the bread (#8) and #5, if you're eating alone ask for a demi-baguette (porker).

Apologies for the lack of link: the folks at Afar haven't gotten around to posting their publication online yet.

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em said...

ahah parisians saying hello when entering a shop... never heard

suttonhoo said...

so is the whole dithering a thing a lie too?


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