Thursday, August 02, 2007

notable quotables

That's great -- and cut.

My brother as quoted in yesterday's Denver Post.

A girl can brag, can't she?

The 'hoo kids have been all over the media lately -- why, just a few weeks ago my sister made the Washington Post, pontificating on gazpacho (that's her nicely turned out thigh behind her son's head).


anniemcq said...

You have such a fancy family!

Go 'Hoos!

suttonhoo said...

yes -- thank you. my sister is the leading advocate for gazpacho along the eastern seaboard -- it's only a matter of time before her influence is felt nationally.

enyasi said...

Quite clear the Hoos have fame down, can fortune be far behind... PS: I personally thing gazapacho is a waste of a perfectly good tomato (unless you have a recipe to change my mind?)

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