Wednesday, August 15, 2007

pending consultation

A modification has been made to a component crucial to the experiments specified here by the World's Best Mechanical Engineer:

Mountain Dew has changed their packaging.

The World's Best Mechanical Engineer has been contacted, and his comment on this matter is pending.


Lolabola said...

good thing they haven't put that picture of J-H "enjoying" their product on there!

anniemcq said...

Who knows - maybe now that it's in different packaging I might be able to get him to like it!

It's funny - the other day, our neighbor, who is nine and can be counted on to eat enough sugar to send him to the moon someday, came over with a friend of his, both of them glurping their Dews. Joe-Henry and I both said at the same time "are going to be a Mechanical Engineer when you grow up?"

Lolabola said...


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