Friday, August 24, 2007


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Traveler's tip: when traveling to Watsonville for a business meeting with the expectation that you'll hook up with friends for dinner in the capitol of chill, Santa Cruz, CA, for the love of god toss a pair of levi's in your bag, or you'll feel like a freak of nature walking the boardwalk all suited up.

Shot in Santa Cruz, CA
Posting by cameraphone sometime after that.


a said...

i miss the red "detritus" from earlier today.

suttonhoo said...

missed it completely -- did the whole site go red or just the lettering? weird.

I haven't touched the stylesheet in ages -- wonder what kind of voodoo was going on...

a said...

the header "detritus" was a kind of burgundy red that matched the color of the text in the photograph. it immediately jumped out at me.

who knows how these things work in cyberspace? but the good folks at the princeton engineering anomalies lab demonstrated in double blind studies that humans do indeed exert a measurable psychic influence on computers. their research is pretty fascinating. perhaps something is going on here that you aren't quite aware of....

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