Sunday, November 02, 2008

feels like

suttonhoo --

Thank you for signing up to receive a ticket for the Election Night event at Hutchinson Field in Grant Park, Chicago.

Your ticket will be emailed to you on Monday, November 3rd, between 6:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Each ticket is personalized for the ticket holder and is non-transferable.

You must print your ticket and bring it with you to the event. Each ticket is valid for you and one guest.


The Democratic Party


Franklin5 said...

I'm over-the-moon giddy for you... and, by extension, for your devoted readers. Who assume, quite naturally, that you'll share all the details here and on Twitter. Yes? And photos, too. Yes?

Commence happy dance!

suttonhoo said...


although it's unclear that we can schlep serious camera gear inside the gates -- the p.s. reads: "For security reasons, do not bring bags. Photo ID is required. Please limit personal items. No signs, banners, chairs, or strollers allowed."

so I'll probably be working the cameraphone, but that's nothing new. :)

and thank you! it's so much fun to share the giddy. :)

Kari said...

YAY!!!!! Go baby, go! I'm so excited for you.

Mikkel said...

Crap, I have a hilarious comment to make here, but I'm afraid to post it in case the secret service reads your blog.

Word verification: sangsta.

suttonhoo said...

dunno about the secret service, but have spotted the dept of homeland security stopping by in my web analytics reports.

why they don't browse anonymously is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Way to Go !!! Get an 8x10 autographed glossy for me would ya? Thanks, Hugs "C"

Geggie said...

That is so exciting. I missed my chance as I wasn't near my computer for the emails. You will have a fabulous time!

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