Monday, November 10, 2008

changed landscape

When you think about it, a campaign is a start-up business. Other than his speech in 2004 at the convention and his two books, Mr. Obama had very little in terms of brand to begin with, and he was up against Senator Clinton, who had all the traditional sources of power, and then Senator McCain. But he had the right people and the right idea to take them on. When you think about it, it was like he was going up against Google and Yahoo. And he won.

Blogger Ranjit Mathoda in this morning's New York Times commenting on the Obama Campaign's use of social networking to win the election.

The article also tells of a late night meeting at SFO between Senator Obama and Netscape creator Marc Andreessen who now sits on the board of Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

More like going up against GM and Ford.


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