Saturday, November 15, 2008

take me (with you)

Photo by Denis Belliveau. Francis O’Donnell, left, and Belliveau during their travels.

This is my kind of pr0n. From today's New York Times:

Back in 1993 these two men, friends from Queens, decided it would be fun to try to follow the trail supposedly blazed by Polo more than 700 years ago. It was a brash concept, since that trail is thousands of miles long and goes through places like Afghanistan and Iran. Add in that the men vowed to spurn air travel and were sort of making things up as they went along, and you have a delicious, self-imposed obstacle course. The adventure lasted two years.

So there's that: They made the trip I've always wanted to make.

But the thing that pushes me past the point of no return? It's the analog light meter hanging around Belliveau's neck. My favorite fetish object.

Yes, I'll be watching, although it looks like my first shift will be watching to see when the show airs on a Chicago station. (The NYT piece says it'll air as part of National Geographic's Expedition Week, but I'm not seeing it.)

Here's the website: In the Footsteps of Marco Polo »


p2wy said...

I'll keep an eye out too... this looks like delicious viewing.

Kari said...

every time i'm afraid to be a nerd, i think of you and feel better. and you know i mean that as the highest possible honor.

suttonhoo said...

the highest.

thank you.

(and yes: embrace the nerd that is you.)

Friendly Joe said...

and speaking of nerds, I think I own that meter he's wearing.

I should accessorize more.

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