Sunday, November 09, 2008


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Kismet Playbill for the Ziegfeld Theatre (1953)

My guess is that this Playbill was illustrated by Al Hirschfeld, but there's no attribution on the document itself and when I contacted Playbill directly to confirm they said their records don't go back that far.

From my grandfather's collection, which he generously shared with me. Now hanging on my wall.


Anonymous said...

The Playbill cover is definitely by Al Hirschfeld. It was also used on the souvenir program.

David Leopold
Al Hirschfeld Foundation

suttonhoo said...

thanks for the confirmation, David -- so good to know.

p2wy said...

Beautiful work of art....

SarahB said...

Excellent! It's gorgeous art plus its Kismet which is a beautiful art musical. I'll put it on my time travel stop and maybe I'll sit by your grandpa while I'm there.

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