Wednesday, May 20, 2009

google evolves

People really want to do stuff real time and I think they [Twitter] have done a great job about it. I think we [Google] have done a relatively poor job of creating things that work on a per-second basis.

Google co-founder Larry Page in his closing remarks at Google's Zeigeist Conference, as reported in The Guardian.

I thought it was interesting that on the heels of this comment Google, which has the delightful habit of rolling out unique art on their home page to celebrate calendar events like historic birthdays and the Olympic Games and holidays, featured an image that drilled down to news results for a news story that has just hit the presses: that of the Missing Link Found in Germany.

It's possible that Google has been spotlighting breaking news stories with their Googleart for some time, rather than running a easily anticipated commemoration of an occasion or historic marker. It's possible that I only noticed it today because the Guardian article was fresh in my mind.

It's also possible that Google, one of the most prescient creatures on the Internet, is doing everything it can to evolve into the kind of life form that will continue to thrive in the changing online landscape.

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mrtn said...

I understood that Twitter was thinking of branching into the search engine business. Not a bad idea. If we could supplement real-time action with link-credits a la Google, we would have a seriously powerful search engine on our hands.

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