Tuesday, May 19, 2009

traveling violation

traveling violation
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Beef on a weck violates all my rules about what *not* to eat when I'm on the road:

Meals absent of vegetable matter.

It is all these things with a side of potato salad (and no: potatoes do not count as vegetable matter. not on the road. not at home. not never.).

This is roast beef in a gentle au jus resting on a salted (big kosher salt salted like soft pretzels salted) kaiser roll accompanied by horseradish. The menu said horseradish *sauce* but for my money this is the real deal -- nothing mayo like about it the way some horseradish sauces can be. This is mostly raw grated root smear it on thick and wait for the smoke to trickle up the back of your throat to your nose horseradish.

I learned of Beef on a Weck a full 10 minutes before I sat down to my very first one from the TSA guy who promised me there was beef on a weck and wings on the other side of security.

"Beef on a *what*?" And he explained it to me.

Airport food, even. I can only imagine what this thing is like outside the TSA biosphere.

For this? I'll bloat.

Posting by cameraphone from Buffalo, NY. Heading home. (Yay.)


Anonymous said...

I understand that it's generally referred to as "Beef on Weck" (without the "a"). One of the primary ingredients of the bun should be caraway seeds--so many that the heavy dose of salt looks like an afterthought...

suttonhoo said...

great info -- thanks -- although in this incarnation salt *definitely* trumped caraway seeds. ;)

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