Saturday, May 09, 2009

had Eisenstein replied

Video: Opening clip from Sergei Eisenstein's first full length feature Стачка (1925)

How I would like to go to Moscow and work under Eisenstein for a year. ... What I would learn under a person like Pudovkin is how to handle a camera, the higher trucs of the editing bench, & so on, of which I know as little as of quantity surveying.

Samuel Beckett in a series of letters to his friend Thomas McGreevy, cited in The Making of Samuel Beckett in the 30 April issue of the New York Review of Books.

Beckett wrote to Eisenstein and requested admission to the Moscow State School of Cinematography. He didn't hear back.

It's strange to speculate what kind of films the author of Play and Endgame and the just now running on Broadway Waiting for Godot might have made, had Eisenstein replied.

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