Wednesday, May 06, 2009

on the market

Tesla's Wardenclyffe Lab: $1,650,000

LONG ISLAND: 5 Randall Road, Shoreham, N.Y., between Tesla Court and Randall Road SIZE: 15.69 acres

ZONING: Two-acre residential

PROS: Complex of 14 industrial buildings, including historic Tesla laboratory. Property can be delivered fully cleared and level.

CONS: Property was a New York State Superfund cleanup site, with the main concerns being silver and cadmium. Remediation was completed last year, but the site still requires semiannual groundwater monitoring as well as periodic inspections of two soil areas of concern, to ensure that they undergo no disturbance.

Listing in Tuesday's New York Times, which also details concerns that Tesla's Wardenclyffe Lab outside of Manhattan, which doesn't have National Heritage protection, might be leveled if the property is sold »

Also worth noting: the lab was bankrolled in part by J. Pierpont Morgan and designed by the architect Stanford White, the fellow who was shot by the millionaire Harry Kendall Thaw after fooling around with Thaw's wife on a red velvet swing.

The ill-fated tower, unfortunately, was scraped for its metal not too long back.

And did everyone know about Tesla's Colorado Springs lab except me?


Steve said...

Maybe if we pool our funds... It's a lot less appealing w/o the tower though. Shame that this can't be protected as a Heritage Site. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

anne said...

nope, lived here all my life, never knew about this until your post

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