Wednesday, September 09, 2009

49 days

the 50th day 49 days
A friend of mine is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist and when she learned of my Grandmother’s death she asked when. “I’ve started the prayers,” she said.

Her tradition believes that the soul hovers about for 49 days before making its departure. There are things to settle before one may go; matters that must be attended to. She laughed a little when she told me, saying: “So precise.”

Forty-nine days.

For the duration of those days candles are lit, prayers are said, offerings are made. Goodbyes are, perhaps, forestalled.

Until the 50th day.

Which is today.


I, Rodius said...

Wishing her a good journey and you some peace.

Bonita said...

Yet, she is and always will be in you...helping you make decisions, enjoying the same things that have always made you both laugh...whispering that word of encouragement you need.

People we love are always part of us...they leave themselves in our DNA.

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