Friday, September 18, 2009

sincerely yours

metra seat

There's a quiet scene in the movie Julie & Julia where Julia Child travels to Boston from Paris with the co-author of her momentous cookbook to meet a friend who is in publishing.

We've heard about this friend all the way through the movie, and it only becomes clear when they arrive at the train station that Julia has never actually laid eyes on her.

They're pen pals. They've been pen pals for many years.

Meryl Streep plays the bit brilliantly: a little dismissive in a "don't you worry about it" way when her colleague appears alarmed that she's never actually met this important contact. Because so much depends upon this friendship now -- it will be the bridge that gets the cookbook published, and they both seem to know it.

At last the friend arrives and they know each other instantly. The clip isn't easily found online which isn't surprising because it contains no pots or pans; there is no food in the frame, or ecstatic eating. There are only the words, at least as I remember them -- "my dear friend"-- spoken low as the small woman arrives in a rush and takes both of Julia's hands in her own, welcoming her from far way, knowing her from old.

It's my favorite scene of the movie.

I'm firming up plans for a long weekend in London and afield where, among other lovely things, I'll be meeting up with some of my pen pals.

The giddy: it grows.


anniemcq said...

Are you meeting a certain Bobcat? Hurrrrraaaay! So sad we'll be missing you. We realized last night that it was exactly 2 weeks from that moment that we'd arrive in London to head to Scotland! Traveling is so magical. I hope you have a wonderful time with your penpals!

karigee said...

Jesus. I thought she was referring to me! What a kick in the pants. Maybe I'll wear a disguise or something.

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