Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Photo: Mark Menjivar

A refrigerator is both a private and a shared space. One person likened the question, "May I photograph the interior of your fridge?" to asking someone to pose nude for the camera. Each fridge is photographed "as is." Nothing added, nothing taken away.

Photographer Mark Menjivar, in his artist's statement for You Are What You Eat, a photographic series of refrigerator interiors.

No permalink available, unfortunately, so click on Project > You are what you eat from the link to find the work.

I learned of Menjivar's fascinating photos in the September | October 2009 issue Orion Magazine.

I considered shooting my own fridge for this post and then decided against it. Too naked.

Although I might be tempted to take a timed interior shot for the In the Fridge Flickr group »

From one of the group's admins, Roo Reynolds:
I hate to sound weird, but this group is for photos taken from inside refrigerators with the door closed. All other images are liable to be removed from the pool. Thanks.

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