Monday, September 14, 2009

can't you see

Photo: Pablo Casals, 1954 by Yousuf Karsh

Years later, when this portrait was on exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, I was told that an elderly gentleman would come and stand in front of it for many minutes each day. When the curator, by this time full of curiosity, ventured to inquire gingerly, “Sir, why do you stand day after day in front of this portrait?” he was met with a withering glance and the admonition, “Hush, young man, hush - can’t you see, I am listening to the music!”

The photographer Yousef Karsh, via his website, which came to me via @duckunix. (thank you)

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Don Harper said...

After all the wonders, insights, photos, and other random insights, I could do nothing else but share this with you.

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