Tuesday, May 13, 2008

kappa maki

I made sushi.
Originally uploaded by Phil Dragash.
Dropped by the Field Museum's Mythic Creatures exhibit over the weekend, which was all good and a lot of fun except for the gal who was reading the placards to her children in a tinny not conducive to reading outloud voice (I can only imagine what bedtime is like around that house) (& a request: SUMMARIZE the key points for the kids. in your natural voice. we'll all appreciate it.).

The creature who won my heart was the Japanese Kappa, whose love for cucumbers is the reason we call cucumber rolls kappa maki.

The Kappa lives in water, which gives him his power, and when he emerges from the water in search of the small children whom he loves to eat as much as cucumbers he carries his power with him -- in a small depression on the top of his head.

This curious circumstance means that a small child under threat need only bow to him and he will bow in return, spilling the water, and his power, subsequently losing his strength.

Disarmed by politeness.


narthex said...

Fascinating anecdote/legend.

Lolabola* said...


em said...

One thing I missed during my Days Without was reading this blog (oh and the music, stupid me, i had not put my ipod on 'hold').
Though I knew that would make a good reading when back (like keeping all the candies for when the others would have finished theirs, something i have never really managed to do).
And god knows it was worth the wait, this buffalo thing, and now this "Disarmed by politeness".
Bravo, thank you, keep writing, whether edited stuff or not.
Just. Don't. Stop

suttonhoo said...

oh dear em: you just made my *week*.

thank you for your generousity.

and thanks, friends.

mrtn said...

The first couple of lines combined with the maki pic got me thinking about mythical creature-sushi. Jörmungandr maki, anyone? Sashimi of Kraken?

suttonhoo said...

love it.

the Kraken was one of the stars of the show -- quite impressive. like a giant squid, but better.

mrtn said...

Worse, some would argue.

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