Monday, February 25, 2008

oh behave

Video: Yes We Can

They once called John Kennedy the first television president, and I think it's fair to predict that Obama could turn out to be the first internet president.

John Dukakis, Sr VP-branded entertainment at Boston ad agency Hill Holliday, and the son of past-presidential contender Michael Dukakis, as cited in today's AdAge piece Creatives Have a Crush on Obama.

The piece, which speaks to the facetime that Obama's receiving online and the creatives who have made gratis contributions to Obama's efforts to take the White House, also cites Shepard Fairey, who's created several pro-bono print pieces for the campaign, and leaks the fact that he'll soon be revealing another that he developed in cooperation with the Obama campaign. (Still pro-bono, though.) Says Fairey:

His politics fall perfectly in line with what I do as an artist. In advertising and marketing, things are simplified to accentuate the positive and utilize soundbites that are really powerful; it's about economical communications, and [Barack Obama] is really good at that.

That type of approach to politics -- when it seems like he really has conviction, too -- is really easy to distill down to marketable images. It felt really easy for me to make a poster for him.

Most disturbing quote of the piece? Barack Obama "behaves like a well-defined brand".

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