Saturday, January 17, 2009


lincoln monument drive-by
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Something like the Grammy Awards as reimagined by PBS.

Jon Pareles writing the New York Times about the free concert that D.C. is throwing for our new president tomorrow night at the Lincoln Memorial.

Is there any better way to warm up a place than to throw a housewarming party?

Coming to the party are:
Stevie Wonder
Mary J Blige
Bettye LaVette
John Legend
Bruce Springsteen
Sheryl Crow
Jon Bon Jovi
John Mellencamp
Garth Brooks
Jennifer Nettles
James Taylor
Herbie Hancock
Pete Seeger
Renée Fleming
Josh Groban
Denzel Washington
Queen Latifah
Jamie Foxx
Jack Black
Steve Carrell
Rosario Dawson
Tom Hanks
Ashley Judd
Martin Luther King III
George Lopez
Marisa Tomei
Forest Whitaker
Tiger Woods
Mstr.Sgt. Caleb Green (U.S. Army)
And the rest of the neighborhood.

HBO will broadcast the concert to all cable subscribers, regardless of whether or not they're HBO subscribers.

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Mikkel said...

God, I hate Usher.

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