Friday, January 09, 2009

please, sir

Breakfast: A few spoonfuls of grits, part of an egg and a piece of toast at breakfast

Lunch: Two peanut butter sandwiches, with small amounts of peanut butter, chips, and flavored water

Dinner: Bits of undercooked, bloody chicken

The daily ration provided to the inmates of the Morgan County jail in Decateur, Alabama that allowed the sheriff, Greg Bartlett, to legally pocket the change remaining from the $1.75 daily meal allowance per prisoner. In three years Sheriff Bartlett took home $212,000 in change, while his inmates suffered severe weight loss, according to the New York Times.

The good news is: a judge bitch slapped the sheriff with a night in jail into coming up with a better solution, and he has opted to spend the full $1.75 allowance on the prisoners moving forward.

More Up With People news: Turns out the fictional character of Oliver Twist wouldn't have starved in Dickens' England after all »

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