Friday, January 02, 2009

she is cruel

The giant girl appeared in the city area of night. Many casualties, such as a soldier and a citizen. The attack of a tank is also ineffective and is destroyed totally. stepping on and eating -- etc. -- a variegated scene -- preparation. man, car, an highway, a hospital, residence, etc. are destroyed.

Synopsis for Giant Girl (2).

Ever take one of those wrong turns on the Internet that takes you somewhere *entirely* unexpected?

I just discovered a site selling Japanese Giantess fetish DVDs.

Which you really have to see to believe »

Video titles include:
Cruel Girl (2)
She is Cruel
Crush Fetish “Final”
The Giantess (3)
Crush Fetish (10)
Food Crush (5),
which is captioned: Food Crush & WAM shoes!

No nudity. Just. Pure. Strangeness.


Lolabola* said...

love that flashing "MOVE IN THE SHOPPING CART" at the top!

Mikkel said...

Yeah, those pesky "wrong turns" on the internet. M-hm.

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