Tuesday, January 26, 2010

fringe benefits

One of the advantages of posting content via Creative Commons licensing on Flickr is that, when one of my images is used and credited, I learn about things I wouldn't have learned about otherwise.

For example: The University of Southern California just released a report on The Economic Benefits of Immigrant Authorization in California. The report:

measures the benefits that would accrue to the state and the nation if the currently unauthorized Latino workforce in California were legalized. CSII researchers used a conservative economic model that accounts for the wage “penalty” incurred by the undocumented, assumes a very slow increase in English skills and educational levels, and does not account for gains from future migration. Despite this conservative modeling, the report finds that significant immediate and long-term benefits would accrue not only to affected workers, but to the state and nation overall.

You can download a copy of the report here: csii.usc.edu/economic_benefits.html »

Photo by 'hoo on page 8 of the document; page 10 of the PDF. :)

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