Wednesday, January 27, 2010

simple pleasures

a shadow of his former self

Kafka was a slightly strange man. He used to come to our house, sit and talk with my mother, mainly about his writing. He did not talk a lot, but rather loved quiet and nature. We frequently went on trips together. I remember that Kafka took us to a very nice place outside Prague. We sat on a bench and he told us stories. I remember the atmosphere and his unusual stories. He was an excellent writer, with a lovely style, the kind that you read effortlessly.

Alice Herz-Sommer of London, formerly of Prague, who is 106 years old and the last living friend of Franz Kafka. As reported in I Look at the Good in

Imagine: To travel to a very nice place outside Prague. To sit on a bench. To listen to Kafka tell you a story.

(Imagine that.)

Sommers also speaks of how music saved her life »

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Leslie F. Miller said...

This is a lovely story. I've been thinking of how music saved my own life so many times. Thanks for that link.

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